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Queen letterman Jacket

Queen letterman Jacket

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Queen letterman Jacket

Curves that Captivate - Black Queen Letterman Jacket Dress is meticulously crafted to draw attention to your curves, enhancing your natural beauty.
Bold Patchwork Elegance - Experience the allure of a bold patchwork design, adding a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to your attire.
Chic Button Closure -The dress features a chic button closure, providing a stylish and functional element that complements the overall design.
Fabric Contrast Magic - Revel in the magic of fabric contrast, elevating the visual appeal of the dress and ensuring you stand out in any crowd.
Unleash Your Inner Queen - This stylish piece is more than clothing, it's an invitation to unleash your inner queen, radiating confidence and empowerment.
Irresistible Killer Look - Step into a killer look that can't be beaten, making a bold and unforgettable statement wherever you go.

Fabric Contents: Materials:

-Shell: 100% Polyester

-Contrast: 55% Polyester 45% Cotton

-Lining-100% Polyester

-Filling-100% Polyester

  • Non-stretch fabric

Care Instructions: Machine Washable

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